Hello, fall! And hello, happy days at home.

Technically it’s been autumn for over a week now, but to me, it never really feels like fall until October.

And so far, it’s looking like a good one. Saturday dawned crisp and sunny here, the leaves are starting to turn and my thoughts, like most years, have started to turn from what’s going on outside to what’s happening inside.

And as I type this I’m cuddled up on my sofa with an afghan on my lap. I’ve been splitting my time between flipping through magazines like Country Living and Better Homes and Gardens (one of my favorite fall activities) and watching HGTV and Food Network (one of my other favorite fall activities, and pretty much the sole reason we just hooked the cable back up after ditching it last spring.) It’s got me thinking about this month’s theme – home – and what it means to me.

Over the last year I’ve found myself more and more drawn to writing about home, not because I’m some organizational or homemaking guru (ha!) or a talented decorator (ha, again!). But I love being at home, and I love caring for my home, even if I do have limited skills and shaky design talent. Cleaning and cooking and creating a warm, comfortable space – to some these activities seem oppressive or like a pre-feminist throwback; to others, a rather frivolous luxury, and to still others a “waste” of time that could be better spent doing something that earns money. But whether you work outside the home or inside the home; whether you spend your at-home time crafting or knitting or reading or playing board games or just hanging around, I believe home matters.

I wrote this last year:

“Home” is a very powerful concept: it’s not just a place to sleep, or store food, or keep out of the elements…it’s also a place to enjoy our family, to spend time with friends, to retreat from the world, to be at peace, to feel safe and loved. No matter how high-powered or important our jobs outside of the house are, and no matter how busy and active we are in outside-the-home pursuits, home is really the center of the world for most people…and from keeping it warm to keeping it safe–to maybe even keeping it attractive–there’s plenty of work to be done at home.

I’m particularly excited to be partnering with Hallmark for their Life Is A Special Occasion campaign this month, because I feel like that sentiment – life is a special occasion – is perfectly suited for my feelings about autumn and home and family. I don’t know about you, but for us the sweetest, happiest moments tend to be those that happen in our home, and making it pleasant and comfortable seems to me an important – and worthwhile – goal. So I’m looking forward to once again exploring topics centered around home and hearth during the deliciously autumnal month of October. Because whether I’m baking cookies or putting a roast in the oven, putting leaves and gourds on our seasonal table, or just cuddling on the sofa with one of the kids, to me being at home in the fall feels like a special occasion.

What activities help make fall feel like a special occasion around your home?

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