Having a plan made easier: GIVEAWAY with AboutOne and Buttoned Up!

UPDATED: Winners at the bottom of the post.

So this week’s topic is “Have A Plan.” But as we all know, making the plan is only part of the challenge. To set it in action and make it work, you need tools that can help you. Bonus points if those tools are simple, easy to learn, and fun to use.

That’s why I’m so excited about this week’s giveaway: three great products from AboutOne and Buttoned Up that will help you simplify your life and take control of your family’s information so you can spend less time planning and organizing and more time actually living.

Each of our three chosen-at-random winners will receive:

I’ve become good friends with Sarah, one of the owners of Buttoned Up, and I can tell you–I am all over their life management philosophy. Read a little about the Buttoned Up Way and you’ll see what I mean–their mission is all about embracing imperfection, asking for help, and focusing in on the 20% of things that have to get done so you can live your life.

Do&Delegate.List offers a blank canvas to jot lists and take notes, and a special carbon-copy section to help you keep track of all the stuff you asked other people to do. Smart!

Moms get a lot of advice about saying “no” instead of over-committing. Problem is, it’s not always so easy to say. If you’re too nice to say “no”–or just get tongue-tied in the moment and can’t think of how to say it–this fun app will help you, with over 1001 nice and not-so-nice ways to get yourself out of any demand from anyone in your life, whether it’s your boss or that bossy lady at church.

If you’ve ever found yourself searching for an important document or file–you know, like that immunization record you need before school registration…tonight, or those photos of your trip to the lake last summer that seem to have become hopelessly lost in the Bermuda Triangle that is your hard drive–then you’ll be as excited as I am about this product. AboutOne is a service that safely and securely stores all your family’s vital information, records, and mementos (blood types? Social security numbers? Health info? Passwords? Home maintenance records? Family photos? That adorable thing your child said that you’ll forget if you don’t write it down? Check!) in one place that you can access from anywhere–on the road, at work, or at home.

And here’s the really genius part–AboutOne will then help you quickly and automatically pull that information together to help you fill out important documents, like tax forms, insurance claims, and caregiver medical releases; or create fun projects, like family newsletters or scrapbooks. Feeling overwhelmed just thinking about all that info? Don’t worry–you don’t have to spend hours importing files and data the minute you sign up. You can just start using AboutOne where you are now, and it’ll help you fill in the blanks as you go.

AboutOne will be giving a year’s subscription ($30 value) to each of our three winners–and here’s the really great part: If you aren’t selected as one of the three winners, you’ll still receive 50% off a year’s subscription. So even if you don’t win, you win. Cool huh? But in order to receive the 50% off discount, you must include an email address or Twitter handle in the body of your comment (not just in the “email address” box.) Don’t forget that part!

But wait–there’s more! To celebrate this week’s launch of One Year To An Organized Life With Baby, each winner will also receive a signed copy of this holistic and comprehensive book which I co-authored with NYT best-selling author, “The Zen Organizer” Regina Leeds. I learned so much working on this book with Regina, and together we created a fantastic resource that will help women facing the journey to new motherhood whether for the first or fourth time.
Whew! That’s four great resources for getting organized and managing your time-and three readers are going to receive all four of them. Nice. And, you can enter up to four times, thusly:

1. Leave a comment on this post. That’s it! You’re entered! You can comment about anything, but I’d really love to hear how you think these tools would make your life easier.

2. Sign up for my new email newsletter. It’s not ready for prime time yet, but soon I’ll be sending a brief (promise!) weekly newsletter offering bonus content, info on book events, links to free downloadables and other special offers, and a wrap-up of the week’s most interesting content. It’ll be like a little dose of happiness in your inbox. After you sign up, make sure to come leave a separate comment letting me know to get entered again.

3 & 4. Go check out AboutOne and/or ButtonedUp’s Facebook pages–don’t forget to “like” them if you like what you see!–and come back here and let me know. If you visit both FB pages, let me know about each one in a separate comment so each one counts.

Remember, AboutOne is offering a year’s subscription at half-price to everyone who enters–but in order to receive the 50% off discount, you must include an email address or Twitter handle in the body of your comment (not just in the “email address” box.) Don’t forget that part!

The contest will run until Sunday evening, February 6, at 11 PM EST. Winners will be announced IN THIS POST on Monday, February 7.

Good luck!

UPDATED: The winners have been selected at random using “as the winner is”. The winning comments:

Congratulations Marlene, Laney, and Mama Michie! Look for an email from me sometime today.

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