Have A Plan: Another sneak peek at my book "The Happiest Mom"

Learning how to manage your to-do list, dreams and goals means freeing up more time for the things you want to do.

As promised, here’s the next sneak peek at The Happiest Mom: 10 Secrets To Enjoying Motherhood.

I’ll be working my way through the book in my launch countdown, but not in chronological order, as you can see. I’ve decided to show you a bit of chapter 8 first in order to tie in with the official release of One Year To An Organized Life With Baby tomorrow.

So let’s start talking about time management, getting things done, and planning! Gulp

Don’t be scared. In The Happiest Mom, planning isn’t about scheduling your life down to the last nanosecond or setting your sights on lofty ambitions for the future.  Instead, it’s all about simple, proactive ways you can make your life easier. Any “have a plan” activity, whether it’s a calendar or filing system, should complement your personality and lifestyle so that it plays on your strengths while helping to bolster up any weak areas.

The reassuring part? None of us are so flawlessly organized and efficient that we never waste a minute looking for our keys or forget to mark an important date on a calendar, so we don’t need to bother reaching for or even thinking about perfection. Instead, we all can figure out ways to make our own specific lives more streamlined and simple by picking a few areas where we struggle most.

In the spirit of Having a Plan, this week I’ll be sharing some of the ways I keep my life (more or less) on track, as well as giveaways for some great products and services to help you manage your time and life from Buttoned Up and AboutOne. So be sure to check back because I know time management and getting things done are some of the biggest issues moms grapple with.

For today, I’d love you to think about these three questions–and please answer in the comments section if you’d like:

  1. What is one area of your life that consistently feels disorganized?
  2. Is there some unpleasant task you find yourself performing over and over again–say, a yearly hour-long hunt for the kids’ Social Security numbers at tax time or a monthly second run to the grocery store because you forgot the canned tomatoes again–because you don’t have a good system in place? (Or maybe you have a system…but ignore it.)
  3. Do you have an idea of where you want to be in 1 year…or 5 or 10 years? Are there any long-term dreams (say, leaving your office job to stay home with the kids, taking a cruise with the family, or launching a stand-up comedy career) that require you to start taking action now…but you haven’t made a move because you aren’t sure of the next step?

Answering these questions will get you started thinking about the solutions and analysis we offer (in much more detail) in Chapter 8 of The Happiest Mom. The Parenting editors and I designed the chapter to help you figure out which changes and tools will make your specific life run more smoothly.

Because when you don‘t lose your keys right before you leave for an important meeting, don‘t forget to pick up your child after school, or actually make it to that PTA meeting on time? I promise, it’ll make you a more relaxed, happier mom…and that’s the whole point.

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