Happy Moms on the Today Show

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Looks like the message is spreading: It’s just as important to be a happy mom as a “good” one (whatever that means, right?) Just a few days after my Fox & Friends appearance on why I’m happier being ME in all my laid-back imperfectness than a “Tiger Mom” (video just to your right), Dr. Meg Meeker, a well-known author and pediatrician (also from Michigan!) was on TODAY to talk about her new book The 10 Habits Of Happy Mothers.

To be completely honest, my thoughts were initially cycling between “Oh no, COMPETITION!” (the publishing world can do that to you) and “Wow, it’s so great that a highly-respected doctor shares my mission.” Even though the stakes are high for me with my book on the cusp of releasing, I’m choosing to focus on reaction #2. Being a happier mom is such an important topic that the more voices talking about it, the better.

Speaking of my book, guess what my Kristine, my very kind Twitter friend, sent me?


Thaaaat’s right! You know what this means…The Happiest Mom: 10 Secrets To Enjoying Motherhood is available at Barnes & Noble, and better yet it’s on an easy-to-find table display! The original publish date was April 5, but the release has been moved up to accommodate this special display, so it should start making its way into all bookstores and shipping from Amazon and other online retailers very soon (within a week or so.) The book also comes with a subscription to Parenting magazine ($10 value) so it’s a total bargain, too.

Like I mentioned above, the first couple months after a book’s release are crucial to its long-term success, and I could really use your help spreading the word about The Happiest Mom. Here are some ways you can give me a hand at this important early stage of my book’s release:

Talk about The Happiest Mom

  • Tell your friends, moms at the playground, PTA members, pediatrician, childbirth educator, sister, cousins…
  • Share the book on Facebook or ask your friends to “like” The Happiest Mom’s Facebook page
  • Send out a tweet about the book or just share this post (there’s a “tweet” button below)

Write about The Happiest Mom

  • Write a review on Amazon or BN.com
  • Blog about the book

Bring The Happiest Mom to your community

  • Ask your local bookstore or library to carry The Happiest Mom
  • Give pregnant friends a copy as a baby shower gift
  • Ask your book club to read The Happiest Mom together (I’m working on book club materials; they’ll be ready soon!)
  • If you can pull together a group of moms for a book event, speaking engagement, or signing, let me know (email: meaganfrancis at yahoo dot com)! I’m hoping to travel to lots of different communities and meet moms across the country. If I can swing it, I’d love to come to your town!
  • If you have a local paper or parenting magazine you love, let them know about The Happiest Mom.

I so appreciate all the great comments, blog posts (Thanks Frugal Mama!) emails and tweets from all of you. Without my readers, this book wouldn’t exist, and I’m really grateful. Thank you!


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