Happy Holidays To You

Thank you all for being so understanding about my blogging break. After a few months of much-ramped-up blogging, following a few months of frantic book-writing, I really needed a rest.

Our holiday was lovely, and has included a lot of sitting around in pajamas and eating caramel corn. Should I be ashamed to admit that a couple of my kids wore the same pajamas all weekend? Or that I didn’t leave my house between the time we returned from church Friday night and when I finally dragged myself to a movie with friends? (Though, in the interest of full disclosure, I didn’t have to drag myself too hard–we saw The Fighter with Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale and Amy Adams, and it was gooooood) And how about the fact that I haven’t left the house again since–though I have managed to wear actual clothes for the last two days?

Here are some photos of our Christmas.

Me, relaxing on Christmas Eve after struggling with a 550-piece puzzle for hours and waiting for Santa. New silk jammies from Victoria’s Secret, a gift from Jon. Empty wine glass courtesy of…me. The wine drinker.

Christmas morning! William perfectly captures the mood.
Jacob, 13, is a bit more mellow. But still loving his new hoodie.

Isaac got a much-hoped-for DSI XL and has been creating elaborate flip animations ever since

A cruel truth of motherhood–after staying up into the wee hours making sure everything is perfect, Mom never looks good, or even really alive, in Christmas-morning photos. But check out those silky jammies and the great necklace Jon got me from Lynne Tan, a local Michigan artist. Oh, and my Aetrex Berries slip-on shoes, which often double as slippers around here because they’re just THAT comfortable. Anyway, if you just don’t look at my pale, went-to-bed-after-finishing-It’s-a-Wonderful-Life-at-1:30-and-got-up-at-7AM-face, this picture has a lot of cuteness going on in it.

Clara got a new-to-her (handed down from my sister-in-law, Beth!) baby bed, made “new” by handmade bedding from my other sister-in-law, Jenna, and a new dolly. She put her baby to “bed” over and over and over and over and over and over.

Really, though, I think this picture sums up the morning best. Constant motion (In case you can’t tell, that center blur is my youngest son Owen), excitement, and general chaos, noise, and happiness as all our holiday wishes came true. Or at least, enough of them that nobody complained.

How was your holiday? Did you get a favorite gift? Did you give a favorite gift?

**Full disclosure–the Berries shoes were sent to me free a few months ago for review. I don’t really do reviews here, and I rarely write about freebies, but I’m happy to give the Berries an honest plug! They’re kind of like a lighter, more colorful version of my beloved Merrel slip-ons, with super-supportive insteps and arch support. I love them for running errands, lounging around the house, and heading out to yoga class.**


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