What’s The Happiest Place In Your Home?

what's the happiest place in your home?
What’s the happiest place in your home? Not the prettiest, or the cleanest, or the one that looks closest to something out of a magazine – but the happiest? 

Maybe it’s the kitchen table, where everyone gathers at the end of the day. Maybe it’s the rocking chair in the baby’s room where you’ve spent many a long night. Or maybe it’s a room – or a corner – of your own, where you do your best thinking and creative work.

Wherever it is and whatever it looks like, we want to see it.

We love getting a glimpse into other people’s homes – and not just the artfully cropped, Pinterest-ready perfection. So we’re really excited to announce a reader-submitted feature here on the blog this summer. We’re calling it My Happiest Place. 

Once a month beginning in June we’ll share a photo or video submitted by one of you – readers of The Happiest Home – along with a few words about why it’s the happiest place in your home.

And, as a bonus – and a thank you for sharing your happiest place – Wayfair.com will be donating a $50 gift card each month that we will give to the reader whose submission we pick!  (Thanks, Wayfair!)


Show Us Your Happiest Place

We’re not looking for professional photography, showroom-perfect decor, or exquisite interior design. We’re looking for real homes, real families, and the real happiness your home brings you. 

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • A photo (or two!) or a video (smartphone cameras are fine!) of your “happiest place”
  • A few sentences (50-200 words) about the space – where it is, what happens there, and – most of all – why it makes you happy
  • Submissions can be emailed to sarah@thehappiesthome.com, OR posted on Instagram tagging @TheHappiestHome with the hashtag #myhappiestplace (don’t forget the tag and hashtag, otherwise we won’t see them!)

Here are some details and a little fine print:

  • Photos must be yours, or yours to use – and be of your own home, of course. 
  • Multiple submissions are fine (have more than one happiest place? submit twice!)
  • By submitting your Happiest Place, you are agreeing to have your photos or videos – and your words – appear here on The Happiest Home and on our social channels. 
  • Feel free to include a link to your blog or a social network in your submission so we can highlight it!
  • Meagan and Sarah will choose our favorite submissions monthly. It’s hard to say what the criteria are exactly, because we won’t necessarily be judging your writing or your photography skills. Simply put, the submission that grabs our attention and heart the most – whether through a creative photo, an unusual “happiest place'” or heartfelt writing – will be the one that gets the spot (and the gift card!) 

Our Happiest Places

To get you thinking and give you a little glimpse into our homes, Sarah and I thought we’d share our own happiest places with you!

Meagan’s Happiest Place:

Our kitchen definitely wouldn’t make it into a magazine spread. The floors are a dated, rather ugly tile; the countertops are a dated, forest-green laminate – not exactly a typical House Hunter’s dream (though in this picture you can catch a glimpse of our new Whirlpool four-door refrigerator, which I love and will be writing more about soon!) 

owen will kitchen

William and Owen enjoying corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day

So what makes the kitchen the happiest place in our home? Just what you’re seeing here. It’s our gathering place, whether for an after-school snack or informal dinner, the kids perched on stools, doing homework while I cook dinner, or friends assembling to chat around the island. 

clara cooking

Clara smashes potatoes!


The kitchen doesn’t stay clean for long. Whether dishes pile up in the sink or school papers stack up on the counter, it looks perpetually lived-in. But that makes sense, because our kitchen is the hub of our household. It’s abuzz with energy, people, movement, conversation, laughter, music, and the click-click-click of the dog’s nails on the tile as she walks around hopefully waiting for somebody to drop a crumb on the floor. Our kitchen is our life, and no place in our house makes me happier. 

Sarah’s Happiest Place:

front porch

It’s 5:15pm and a text dings from my phone on the counter: “On my way home!” it reads. He isn’t traveling today, which means we’ll have dinner all together. “Was that Daddy? Can we go outside and wait on the front porch?” they ask. And so we do.

The happiest place in our home is the front stoop – wide enough for three little bottoms to sit in anticipation and watch for their dad’s car to pull around the corner and into the driveway. Waiting on the front porch represents the last few minutes of solo parenting of my day, and the coming together of our family for the evening. And no matter how messy the living room is, or what stage of dinner-making I’m in, we can close the door behind us and sit as a foursome, about to be five.

Your turn! What’s your Happiest Place?  

Again, submit to sarah@thehappiesthome.com, OR post on Instagram tagging @TheHappiestHome with the hashtag #myhappiestplace. We can’t wait to see and share your Happiest Place!

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