My Happiest Place: A Family Tree Wall

This month’s selection for the #MyHappiestPlace series comes from reader Katelyn Heather. Her creative idea inspired both Sarah and me, and her submission perfectly embodied our idea of honoring a happy, meaningful place in your home. Read on to find out more about the “happiest place” in Katelyn’s home – and how you can submit!

My Happiest Place by Katelyn Heather

My happiest place in the home is a family tree wall I recently put together in the hallway to my bedroom. I love that whenever I’m taking a load of laundry to put away, or carrying the baby in for a diaper change, I pass by the photos of my ancestors.

happiest place katelyn
As I think about their lives my perspective on my own changes. I see so clearly what a gift life is. That every season is temporary, so I may as well let go of the bad or stressful parts and enjoy the good. And that all that really matters today, all that is really going to last, is the amount of love that I give. And when I remember that, it is so easy to be happy. 

Thanks, Katelyn! Be sure to visit Katelyn at her blog and check out her DIY tutorial for the family tree wall, and thanks so much to Wayfair for providing her with a $50 gift card.

what's the happiest place in your home?
Would you like to contribute to the My Happiest Place series? Email a photo to by August 15 to be considered for next month’s feature (a bunch of details and fine print can be found here). The submissions we got this past month were SO strong it was hard to choose – and if you submitted but weren’t featured this time, don’t worry – we’ll keep you in the running as we move forward!

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