10 Great Gifts For Moms: Our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

10 Great Gifts For Moms
Happy December, friends! We had fun rounding up some of our favorite products and gift ideas for you this year. As we start planning for the holiday season, it’s easy to put others first and forget our own wish lists (we’re moms, after all), but here’s how I look at it: giving some thought to what you might want for the holidays is actually a gift to the people who want to give you something you’ll love this year!

Here’s hoping you – or someone who wants to make your holiday a bit more special – will find inspiration in this year’s list of great gift ideas for moms: 

10 Great Gifts for Moms (from TheHappiestHome.com)
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Prinstagram Magnets

Instagram Photo Magnets

I love the Instagram prints and products that Prinstagr.am offers – such a cool, artsy way to turn all those IG photos into something tangible! Check out their 1″ Round Magnets (set of 15 for $12) or 2″ Square Magnets (set of 10 for $14). -Sarah

Minted Personalized Journal

Personalized Journal

For this writer, dreamer and list-maker, there’s nothing like a pretty journal full of fresh, blank pages to scribble my thoughts and jot ideas. I love Minted’s line of journals, notebooks, and address books designed by independent artists, starting at $16. -Meagan 

Burnish Triple Monogram Necklace

Monogram Necklace

I get so many compliments on my “mommy monogram necklace”(the Triple Monogram Personalized Necklace from Burnish on Etsy). It’s really petite and the three different metal colors means it goes with everything. I’ve had it for two years and still wear it almost every day.  -Sarah


A Fun Apron

Lately I’ve been trying to be more intentional and consistent about wearing an apron in the kitchen. Not only am I the world’s clumsiest and messiest cook, but I just think aprons are fun – particularly retro-inspired ones like this floral beauty from Jessie Steele (there’s a matching pot holder, too!) – Meagan


Facial Cleanser System

I’ve been eyeballing a facial cleansing system for years, but they can be really pricey! The Pulsaderm Buddy Facial Cleanser Brush retails for under $70 and works so well – my skin is brighter and smoother after just a few uses. Check back next week – we’ll be giving two away! -Meagan 


America's Test Kitchen New Family Cookbook

A (New) Classic Cookbook

Whether you’re a novice cook or an expert in the kitchen, it’s always helpful to have a “classic” cookbook to refer to. I’ve relied on America’s Test Kitchen’s Family Cookbook for several years now, and I’m so excited that they have a brand new edition out this year! ($29.14 on Amazon). -Sarah

L'Occitane Hand Lotion

Splurge-Worthy Hand Lotion 

If I were to buy myself hand lotion, it would likely be an afterthought in the checkout line at Target. But once or twice I’ve received a higher-end hand creme as a gift and have LOVED it. The Verbena Moisturizing Hand Lotion from L’Occitane ($24) is one of my favorites. -Sarah

FashionABLE Scarf

Statement Scarf 

Meagan and I both love the line of scarves from FashionABLE – both for the unique and beautiful designs and also for the global good the organization does. Pictured above is the Gebeyew Scarf, $58. -Sarah


Open Cardigan House Sweater 

Cozy Sweater

You all know how I feel about cardigans, right? I am always cold, people. I must have a sweater on at all times, November through March. This long, soft, warm Patty Boutik Hooded Pockets Knit Open Cardigan Sweater, $59.99 is perfect for daily wear around the house. -Meagan 

Birch Box Gift

Subscription Box Service

Subscription box services have been taking off over the last few years, and as someone who doesn’t buy a lot of beauty products, this isn’t something I’d be likely to buy myself. But I know that if I were to receive it as a gift, it would be so much fun to try out samples of great-quality products. Birchbox subscriptions start at $30 for 3 months or $60 for 6 months. -Sarah

Now, it’s your turn. What’s on your list this year? 

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