Going with the flow, birthday-style

“Okay, Clara, here’s your cake! Now Mommy just has to find a lighter so I can light your candles. Sit tight for a minute.”


“Um, Mom? Clara got her hands on a fork. She’s going for it!”


“What? Somebody stop her! I’m still looking for the lighter. Where’s the stupid lighter? Ah! Found it!”


“Wait, honey, we aren’t ready to eat the cake yet. Don’t you want to blow out the candles with me? Can I have this fork?”


“Well, I guess it is your birthday…”


Just for the record: I did kind of freak out at first about the impropriety of my daughter calmly eating a hole into the middle of her birthday cake before the candles were even lit.

It’s just not the way things are DONE. Right?


But I got over it. After all, you only turn two once. When else can you break all the rules of birthday etiquette?

And what would have been the point of prying the fork out of her hand? Two year olds, I find, do not handle disappointment or waiting well. She probably would have had a meltdown.

And then I might not have gotten this picture.

Happy birthday, Clara.

PS: Next year, I’ll keep the forks in the drawer until the cake is cut.

Love, Mom.

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