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We’re moving! In less than two weeks my family is relocating to Southern California and we couldn’t be more excited. Our new house is ready and waiting for us and I’m itching to get into it and start settling in.

One of the biggest differences between our current house and the one we’re moving into is the flooring. We have carpet now – lots of it – and we’re moving into a house with all hardwood floors. And while the new floors are beautiful, it’s going to be awfully echo-y in there until we get some area rugs down.

One problem: we don’t own a single area rug.

Girl Bedroom Guest Bedroom Decor.jpg.jpg
Another difference between our current home and the new house is the kids’ bedrooms. Right now my older two (girl and boy, 6 and 4) share a bedroom and the toddler sleeps in her own room next door. In the new house there are four bedrooms upstairs, which means we’ll have space for the kids to each have their own room. 

My six-year-old daughter’s bedroom will also double as a guest room. We’re hoping to have lots of friends and family come visit (are you listening, friends and family?), and want a comfortable space to house them while they stay. Since we already have bunk beds, those will go in the four-year-old’s room and the kids can bunk up together there when we have guests. 

It’s been fun to think about decorating this girl’s-bedroom/guest room hybrid. I want it to feel young and feminine and reflect my daughter’s style (which mostly includes lots of bright colors all mixed together), but also sophisticated enough that I’ll feel proud to have guests stay the night. 

Wayfair’s Rug to Room campaign is all about decorating a room or patio around an area rug, so to get inspired I started poking around at rugs first. I think that with the dark brown wood floors, a splash of color will really make a statement and give me something to build the rest of the room around. There was something about the Francesca Multi Rug (pictured above) that just made me smile. It’s loud, asymetrical, and full of color – just like a six-year-old – but it’s not overly “girly” or kid-room-ish. 

Since the Francesca rug isn’t exactly, uh, subtle, I’m thinking some white and neutral pieces will work best when it comes to furniture and window dressing. I love that the swirly feel of the Ruby Metal Bed (below) sort of continues the paisley feel of the rug, and I think the blue-gray color of the Colin 2 Drawer Nightstand would work well with the blue in the rug and the color of the walls, which are also a pale blue.

Curtains Bed Frame Nightstand.jpg

Bedding is an area that always confounds me. Comforters, duvets, quilts. Buying a matched set, or going with separates. Throw pillows. It’s no wonder I’m 34 years old and still prefer the “bed in a bag” deals you get when you’re going off to college. If I go with the Francesca rug, I don’t want a patterned bedding set that fights with the rug, so I’m loving the idea of this Marina Quilt in coral (below). Even though it’s a solid color, it has some pretty texture built into the fabric, and how much fun would it be to liven it up with with some whimsical throw pillows like the ones below (found here, here, and here)?

Bedding Pillows.jpg

Wayfair has a huge collection of artwork and accessories – two of my favorite parts of home decorating. I can’t resist a pop of yellow in a kid’s bedroom, so I love these Pamela Triple Gourd Table Lamps below. And there’s something about canvas art that feels young but still classy, and there are so many great pieces to choose from at Wayfair – like the Life Is Beautiful and Morning Dream pieces that caught my eye.

Art and Lamps.jpg

So that’s the direction I’m heading with my girl’s bedroom/guest room in the new house. What do you think? I love the idea of building a room around a rug, and it’s definitely gotten me thinking about the other areas in the new house that need rugs, and how we can make our existing furniture work with some great rug choices. I’m also loving Wayfair’s selection of outdoor (or indoor/outdoor) rugs, especially these Jute and Sisal options, something I can put into use in Southern California!

So: tell me about the rooms in your house. Are you redecorating or moving, what’s on your dream-decor list? Are you in need of area rugs, or do you have any tips for building a room around a rug?

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