25 Kick-In-The-Butt Inspiring Posts To Get You Motivated For 2015

New Year View Beach
If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been a little light on new posts around these parts this month. Meagan and I are both enjoying the holidays with our families – and we hope you are, too! Going into New Year’s Eve we wanted to pop in and share a few of our favorite posts from the archives.

Keep reading for a special roundup of some of our most helpful, motivating, kick-in-the-butt inspirational posts to get you ready to take 2015 by storm (or, you know, sanely, if that’s more your style 😉 ). 

Getting Inspired, Generally

Getting Organized, Specifically

Getting To Work (Time Management & Productivity)

Eating Well (Meal Planning, Recipes, & Healthy Eating)

Being Well (Looking Good, Feeling Good, & Taking Care Of YOU)

We hope your New Year’s Eve and the days ahead are filled with rest and relaxation, AND a little time for reflection and intention-setting. Happy New Year!

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