Getting past an end-of-winter slump with easy one-pot meals

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I’m skirting the edges of my annual end-of-February slump, in which I start getting excited for spring while at the same time trying to remember that March in Michigan can be a looong month. The unusually mild weather this year has actually made it worse! It’s hard to enjoy a sunny 55 degree day in late January when you’re waiting for the other shoe (and all that snow that’s backed up somewhere) to drop.

This is the time of year I start turning to shortcuts to help me get through the last dreary month or so before spring has officially sprung. After all, with all the obsessive monitoring, looking out the window and sighing, and fantasizing about summer dresses I’ll be doing, where will I find the energy to cook elaborate meals or clean up lots of pots and pans? The answer, of course, is the one-pot meal: soups, stews, and roasts that can be thrown together and cooked without a lot of oversight.

Here’s a great example: an easy one-pot corn and potato chowder recipe from chef Curtis Stone. Curtis demonstrates the recipe in this short video, and you can also download it as a pdf.

I can’t wait to make this to use up the CSA corn that’s still sitting in my freezer from last summer!

Also on the menu for this month: beef stew, chili, and creamy potato soup. What are your favorite one-pot meals?

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