No-Carve Patterned Pumpkins (In Which I Attempt A Craft From Martha Stewart Living For The First Time Ever)

Image used with permission, photo credit Aaron Dyer. Martha Stewart Living October issue is on shelves until October 11.

Today marked a momentous occasion in my life.

I have purchased the Martha Stewart Living Halloween issue every year since I can remember. I’m not even close to being a Martha-level craft goddess (ha!) but I love looking at the pictures and drawing inspiration from the projects.

Every year, I have admired the crafts in the Halloween issue.

And every year, I have let myself become intimidated by the name “Martha Stewart” and have never even tried to make a single one.

But today, that all changed, because I decided to finally try one of the projects in those hallowed pages – the patterned spray-painted pumpkins featured on the cover above.

And to my surprise? It wasn’t so hard, after all. 

No, my results weren’t perfect (you’ll see that I missed a huge spot on the bottom of one and didn’t even notice until I got done filming) but overall, I’m happy with how my pumpkins turned out!

The entire project took less than half an hour, and it cost around $10 per pumpkin to pull off ($4 to buy the pumpkin, $4 for a can of spray paint, and a $8 pair of stockings could cover about 4 medium pumpkins.) 

Want to see for yourself? Watch this short video – my newest episode of At Home With Meagan – to see how I did it, and how you can, too! 

To follow Martha’s instructions step-by-step – and see lots of other cool projects that are also probably a lot simpler than you think – you can pick up the October 2014 issue of Martha Stewart Living (only on shelves through this Saturday, October 11!) You can also  find instructions at the Martha Stewart Living website. 

Let me know how you like the video. I’m having a lot of fun making them! Plus I’ve set myself a personal challenge to find the dorkiest possible facial expression from the video and use that as my screen shot. All in good fun!

Feeling inspired to try making lacy spray-painted pumpkins or another Halloween project? Give it a shot and me know how it goes.

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