Bye-bye, Mindful Mondays + good things to come

You know how sometimes you start doing something, and it’s a great idea at first, and you’re really excited about it…but then after a while it becomes sort of an obligation? Something you’re only doing because you have to…but it’s taking up time and energy and space that could be used for other great things?

In the year since I started writing Mindful Monday posts, I’ve finally come to that point. What started out as a way for me to center myself at the beginning of each week with a specific focus and concrete goals in mind has started to feel like something I ‘have to’ rather than ‘want to’ do. So I think it’s time to let it go.

I still think a Mindful Monday-type practice is a great idea. Over the past year this beginning-of-week ritual has become so habitual for me that I’ve literally trained myself to reflect, focus, and look forward every Monday. Can’t complain about that.

But the truth is that I’ve got lots of big things planned for The Happiest Mom. Over the summer, I’m going to be making some changes to bring in more outside voices (the guest contributions you’ve seen from Devon Barta and Jessica Ashley are just the beginning!) and making more of an effort to reach out to pregnant and new moms.

I’m dreaming up a more extensive mix of short and long content, including big ideas, helpful tips, and, okay, occasional fluffy stuff. (Keep an eye out for a soon-to-come mom fashion series that I know many of you will love.) I’m dabbling in podcasts and videos, and finding that I love doing both.

And, oh yeah, you know all those stories I write for, Babble, and other various outlets? It really helps me out when you all visit those posts, too, so I try to link them here when I can.

In short, I’m simply running out of space on The Happiest Mom to cover all the different topics, posts, and issues I want to.

And I know you all come to this blog for different reasons: some of you are here for the “mom” stuff – my thoughts about stress and guilt and parenting with confidence, helpful hints for getting through the day with your good cheer (mostly) intact, while some of you are more into talk about food and home decor and budgets and strategies to simply life. Some of you love it all, and others don’t.

That makes sense, because I write The Happiest Mom for a lot of different reasons, too. But I’ve been working on ways to keep some of the personal stories and inspirational “mom” content separate from the hearth/home/food topics, so you can choose whether to immerse yourself in both or choose the area that’s most relevant to you in your life right now.

So I’m very excited to let you know that later this summer, I’ll be launching a sister site that will create space for some of those specialized “home and life” topics while freeing up space for The Happiest Mom to become more dynamic, more helpful, and more inclusive.

In short, to become a bigger, better version of what I originally intended for it to be: a place that inspires moms to embrace the positive side of motherhood, to discover strategies to help them deal in tough times, to inspire them to parent with confidence and care for their own needs, and to connect with other like-minded moms – through every stage of motherhood.

I’ll give you more details about the new site as soon as I can, but in the meantime I hope you’ll start making a point to check The Happiest Mom once or even twice a day, especially on weekdays (subscribe if you want to make sure you don’t miss anything!)

As we add more contributors and more content over the coming months, I would love for this blog to become a regular part of your day, bringing you little doses of inspiration and motivation and helpful tips in addition to those looong personal posts I am so fond of writing.

Speaking of which, if you’re already a regular reader and excited about the idea of more content, would you consider forwarding this post on to a friend or sharing The Happiest Mom with another mom who might need or enjoy it?

I am so excited about the way The Happiest Mom has evolved and changed over the past three years. It’s still the same place at heart, but I think there’s room to grow, explore new topics, and reach even more moms.

I welcome your questions, feedback…and of course, good old-fashioned rah-rah cheerleading never hurts. As always, your support and presence is what makes The Happiest Mom a vibrant, encouraging and positive place. I hope you’re as excited as I am about what’s to come!

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