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Summer Shortcuts 3D Cover Round

Summer Shortcuts for Busy Moms

Cheat your way to an easier summer with these nine shortcuts designed to save time and increase efficiency in the busy summer months. Because everyone deserves a break. Especially you.

$1.99 (PDF Download)

COVER 3D Circle

Beyond Baby: a week-by-week guide to creating a life you love when your kids aren’t so little. 

Journey through 40 weeks of simple exercises designed to get you back in touch with your non-mom self, reconnect with your creative passions, and envision the future you dream of.

$7.99 (PDF Download)


The Happiest Mom Cover


The Happiest Mom: 10 Secrets to Enjoying Motherhood

You can be a great parent while still enjoying yourself. The Happiest Mom brings the latest happiness research–and the experience of a mother of five–to moms who want to make parenting a little more joyful. 

Paperback: $12.41 / Kindle: $4.99