It’s here. (My new ebook, Beyond Baby, is available, aaaaaahhh!)


Everyone, it’s been a long month.

Sarah and I have dealt with approximately eight million and two issues, some little and some big, some we saw coming, some that popped up at the last minute. 

I wrote and she designed and we both edited and fussed and sweated over details like how we wanted to word confirmation emails and whether we wanted the font on the book cover to match the font on the free workbook. And such.

There were a lot of details, people.

And you’ve all dealt with some change, too. Our posts have been fewer and farther between and gosh, we sure have been yammering on about this book a lot, haven’t we?

But after all the hard work on our end and patience on yours, here it is: Beyond Baby: A Week-By-Week Guide To Creating A Life You Love When Your Kids Aren’t So Little is here, done, and ready for purchase.

You can pick up Beyond Baby for just $7.99 right here as a PDF download or on your Kindle, and the book comes with a FREE accompanying downloadable workbook you can use as you work through the assignments in each week’s chapter.

The book is already getting some fabulous reviews on Amazon. A few highlights:

As someone who had four children in five years, a large swath of my recent past was focused on having and raising babies and toddlers. As anyone who’s been there knows, it can be all-consuming. Beyond Baby provides a supportive framework to review one’s life once the immediate chaos of raising very small children has passed. As we move out of the baby stage, many women are at loose ends, questioning identity, work, and so on. This book offers concrete and specific steps to take to help identify the changes you want to make as you move out of the baby phase and into the next season of life.


My son is still only one year old, but I have gotten so much out of this book. It will take me some time to work through all of the suggestions in this book, but it gives me hope that there is a fulfilling future awaiting me as my son grows. I know from reading this book that I can still keep an element of my old self whilst being a good enough mother to my son.

You can read all of the reviews here!

In short? Whether your “babies” have decidedly moved out of the diapers-and-pacifiers phase – or you’re still sitting on the edges of babyhood but looking forward to the light at the end of that long, sleepless tunnel – Beyond Baby can help you find clarity, re-frame your identity, and make choices about how you want to spend your time as it expands before you. I would so appreciate if you would give the book a close look and consider buying, for yourself or a friend.

Mother’s Day is coming…and time to focus on yourself is a valuable gift, indeed. Get your copy of Beyond Baby now!

Psst – if you want to spread the word or share this book with others? I would SO LOVE THAT. Use the hashtag #BeyondBabyBook to follow the conversation!

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