Back To School: The New Year For Moms!

Kids first day 2014

Can you believe it??

All of my kids – all five of my kids – are in school all day, all week, all at the same time, for the first time in my life as a mother. That’s close to seventeen years. I almost don’t know what to do with myself.

It was bittersweet dropping the younger three off this morning (the high schoolers got themselves up and out almost before I had a chance to say goodbye!) and I’ve definitely felt a few pangs, thinking about Clara sitting in that big classroom!…but I have to say that I am feeling really excited about the possibilities of how I’m going to use all this TIME. 

So excited, in fact, that this morning I did something I’ve been “meaning to do” for years – recorded a short, casual video to share with all of you. In the video, I talk about how I plan to use this newfound time, space, quiet and freedom and what can you expect me to be writing about on the blog this fall. I also share some exciting news for those of you who are ready to focus a little energy and time on yourselves, whether your kids are off at school this fall or not.

With all the big changes that tend to go on this time of year, I always feel like the back to school season is a mom’s TRUE New Year. Let’s make the most of it together.

I’d love for you to watch my video – I intend for it to be the first of many!

As promised, here are links to two of the posts I mentioned in the video: The Kitchen Hour and my summertime meal planning and cooking routine. 

What do you think of my plans for the fall…and the surprise Beyond Baby news?

Please tell me how YOU plan to piggyback on the back-to-school spirit this fall by focusing on something that you may have put on the back burner!

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