Back to school soon? Stressed? Let me (and iVillage) help.

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Where I live, school doesn’t start until September (fun fact: it’s actually a state law that in Michigan, school can’t start until after Labor Day!). So in our house, the back-to-school season is still weeks away.

But I know that in many areas, school starts a lot earlier – and if you’re one of those families with kids heading back in mid-August, you might be starting to feel the pressure.

We’re here to help.

I’m one of four coaches in iVillage’s Back To School Community Challenge, a free, four-week program that will help you keep on track as you pull together supplies, sign forms and try to get back in the school-year routine. You’ll get a daily email “assignment” and free printables, checklists and sample schedules to help ease the transition from lazy summer to busy school year. 

The program is meant to take you from the last two weeks of the summer through the first two weeks of school, but you can sign up at any time. Just enter your back-to-school date and the program will automatically start sending you emails on the right day.

Tonight we’re kicking off the program with a Pinterest party where the other coaches and I will be sharing some of our favorite and most helpful back-to-school themed posts and inspiring images. I hope you’ll join us!

Just head over and follow iVillage’s Back To School board on Pinterest at 9 PM EST. Remember to refresh your browser every few minutes so you can see new posts – you’ll be sure to pick up a lot of great new ideas.

See you there!

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