Big Day of Giveaways: Win an Art Easel/Desk from One Step Ahead!

One Step Ahead Easel Giveaway 2 at The Happiest Home

Lately, Clara has been really into taking marker to paper. She draws all day, coming up with inventive characters and practicing drawing letters and numbers on every piece of paper she can find.

And naturally, I’ve encouraged my budding artist and writer.

But a couple of weeks ago, I woke up one morning to find 2’s scrawled all over my bedroom.


photo (16)

She’d done it the night before, but because it had been dark in the room when I’d gone to bed, I hadn’t noticed. So as I walked around my room getting dressed that morning, I was suddenly met with the sight of dozens of 2’s.

They were everywhere. On every wall. Every dresser. The laundry basket. My desk. My bedside table. Jon’s wardrobe.

It was more than a bit unsettling.

I even found a number scrawled on the footboard of our bed – though, inexplicably, it was a 3. 

photo (19)


Clara was contrite, and thankfully, the (permanent, yikes!) marker came off all surfaces with the help of a Magic Eraser. But it became clear that this girl needs a larger “canvas” for her scrawlings and doodles. Evidently, she feels the need to draw standing up

Which is why I was so excited to discover the Flip-Down Art Easel and Desk from One Step Ahead.

Easel 1

The easel is sturdy, versatile, and roomy, offering plenty of storage space for all her supplies. It includes a paper roll (perfect for her larger-scale drawings), a chalkboard, and a white board, paint cups, and five bins for storing markers, crayons, brushes and more. It also folds down into a desk in two steps. This is the kind of gift that achieves hand-me-down status.

Easel 3
Thanks to One Step Ahead, Clara will be opening this art easel and desk on Christmas morning – I know she’ll be thrilled! – and so could your little one.

We’ll be giving away a Flip-Down Art Easel and Desk to one lucky reader (and lucky kid!) today!

Just leave a comment – one per person, please – and you’ll be automatically entered to win a random drawing. I’d love to hear if you’ve had any “art mishaps” in your house, like our saga of Clara and the 2’s! 

Here are the official contest rules. Good luck!

Entry Rules: The contest will run until 10 PM EST on Friday, December 13, and we’ll randomly pick a winner on Saturday, December 14. You must leave a valid email address to win (email addresses will not be published). Winner will be notified via email on Saturday, December 14 and must respond within 48 hours to notification, or a new winner will be chosen. Thanks to One Step Ahead for sponsoring this giveaway!

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