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Family life isn’t always pretty.

Between the chaos of kids, those messes that never seem to get cleaned up all the way, and the kitchen that most decidedly does NOT look like it came from a Pinterest inspiration board, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities of family, home and motherhood – let alone carving out time for personal goals, creativity, careers and big dreams.

But while for most of us “home” doesn’t usually resemble a magazine spread, it’s still possible to make changes that make our surroundings, day-to-day lives, and relationships more satisfying. By taking care of ourselves, defining our values so we can focus on the things that matter to us (and forget the rest,) getting “organized enough”, and setting reasonable standards for ourselves and everyone around us, we can feel good about our homes and the people in them – while also stretching ourselves a little to think beyond our own four walls.

Whether we’re coming up with workable strategies for keeping off-season clothes organized or learning to love ourselves for the mothers we are today, or coming together on Sunday mornings for a cup of tea (or coffee), The Happiest Home is a positive, encouraging place to stretch your wings, get inspired, and try out some new ideas for creating a simpler, more satisfying family life.

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