7 ways I’m slacking off this summer

I hit the summer running this year, but as usual, by mid-July my energy and enthusiasm for long, hot days had hit a slump. But this year, instead of feeling uncomfortable or guilty because things are falling apart a bit, I’m just riding the wave and waiting for that end-of-summer burst of energy to propel us into fall. Over at my Babble blog, I’ve written about 7 ways I’m falling down on the job right now (and why I refuse to feel guilty about it).

For example, I’m not making my kids read:

I know, I know, kids lose their learning over the summer, and we’re supposed to make them read great books and recite multiplication tables so they don’t fall behind. But I guess I’ve never seen a small step backward to be a huge tragedy for most kids – in my experience they gear back up pretty quickly, and who’s to say that the break doesn’t help refuel their bodies and brains in a vital way?

Read about the other 6 guilt-free ways I’m being a lazy mom right now, (hint: they include hot dogs and video games) and let me know if you have anything to add to the list!

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