6 Days of Holiday Giveaways | Day 3, Under The Tree: Wooden Play Kitchen Giveaway from One Step Ahead!

Toddler Play Kitchen from One Step Ahead

For somebody who is into the idea of simplifying the holidays, I admit I get pretty excited about Christmas gifts. Not so much the getting as the giving. I love the delight in the kids’ eyes as they rush into the living room on Christmas morning, and the excitement on their faces as they open a few well-chosen presents.

To me, the “well-chosen” part is key. For years we’ve stuck to a general rule of 3-4 presents per kid, including the “big” gift. Since we don’t buy a ton of stuff, every gift counts. And it can be a challenge to find a few really special things that the kids will be thrilled to find under the tree and that we can afford.

That’s why I’m thrilled that Clara is going to find the Toddler Wood Play Kitchen from One Step Ahead as her “from Santa” gift on Christmas morning! I love simple wooden toys for little ones, and this sturdy and scaled-down play kitchen with cooktop, sink, and oven is specially made for kids as young as two.

I love that it’s just Clara’s size, won’t take up much space in her room, and looks adorable. I also appreciate that it doesn’t require batteries or make noise. Plus, at $69.95, it’s a lot more affordable than some other wooden play kitchens I’ve seen, and there are some adorable accessories you can add to the set with in the future, like this toaster.

I started scouring the One Step Ahead catalog years before I even had children, so I was very excited to partner with the company on this great giveaway. They very generously sent me Clara’s kitchen, and are going to send a kitchen to one of your little ones, too! Here’s how to enter:

  • Contest is open to shipping addresses in the US only, please.
  • To enter, simply leave a comment with a valid email address (in the email field, not in the body of the comment.)

For up to 3 extra entries:

  • Tweet about the contest, then leave an additional comment letting me know you did
  • Share the contest on Facebook, then leave an additional comment letting me know you did
  • Blog about the contest/6 days of giveaways using the badge to the right, then leave an additional comment letting me know you did!

Contest will close at 1:05 PM EST on Saturday, December 3. Winner will be selected randomly using the “And The Winner Is” WordPress plugin and published on The Happiest Mom by Sunday, December 4.

All entries will automatically be included in this weekend’s drawing for a Motorola Droid Razr!

Good luck!

To welcome the holiday season, I’m giving gifts away for six days with a great grand prize drawn from all entries – a Droid Razr! Check out the intro post for more details, Day 1 for a chance to win a $25 iTunes gift card, and Day 2 for a chance to win $25 to help your kids save money. And stop back tomorrow for another great giveaway from Hallmark!


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