5 Must-Have Kitchen Tools

At Home with Meagan

I’ve been wanting to do a regular video series, like, forEVER.

But when I had kids home with me during the day, I found it was just too difficult to find quiet pockets of time to shoot and edit regularly. A five-minute video may not seem like it takes much time to do, but there’s a lot of set-up and production involved, even in the most “candid” vids. 

Now that my days are my own, though, I’m finding that I’ve got the space and quiet to take on some of those things I’ve been wanting to do! So, here it is – my first episode of At Home with Meagan.

These will be short, conversational, casual videos about how I live at home – my favorite products, quick tips, recipes, and my thoughts about home & family life. In this first episode I’m talking about my go-to kitchen tools and gadgets, and of course, I’d love to hear about yours! 

If you can’t see the video, you can click through and watch here. I’d also love if you’d subscribe to my channel!

Here are links to the products I talk about in the video:

(product links are affiliate, so if you make a purchase, I’ll get a small commission.) 

Thanks for watching and let me know how you liked the first episode of At Home with Meagan!

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