3 (totally not) shameful ways I slack off around the house

slacking off around the house

To the outside eye, my house looks relatively neat and clean. You might get the impression that I run quite a tight, orderly ship around here.

But under the surface of any peaceful home, I believe, are a series of small cheats that allow us to feel like we’re getting away with something even as we chip away at cemented bran flakes on the counter. Here are a few of mine:

1) I never put the twist tie back on the bread.

I got into this habit when I was trying to make sandwiches while bouncing a baby on a hip. Putting twist ties on bread, it turns out, is not something you can really do one-handed.

But now that my hands are free again and I could technically twist those ties, I just don’t see the point. We house our loaves in a metal box, which offers a bit of extra protection from the air, and anyway, with my big, ravenous family, bread never even has time to get stale. I would even venture to argue that folding the bag snugly under the loaf (my hack) does a better job of keeping trapped air out of the bread bag than those annoying twist ties do.

Just don’t tell my husband it’s me, m’kay? Bread without a twist tie on it makes him nuts (even though he rarely eats bread) but he seems to be convinced it’s one of the kids doing it.

2) If the milk cap rolls away…I let it go.

This also stemmed from the days when I had a baby permanently on my hip and couldn’t figure out a way to go crawling around on the kitchen floor looking for a wayward piece of plastic. Now I just feel like I’ve got better things to do than spend my life retrieving milk caps from under the fridge. And, as a klutz, I drop them at least once every couple of weeks or so.

I know that technically milk without a cap can take on flavors from other items in the fridge, but so far nobody’s complained about the missing caps. Except my husband, who doesn’t even drink milk. Are you sensing a pattern here?

3) Noodles or rice on the floor? Leave ’em.

I learned this one before we got our dog, Moxie, who incidentally will snarf up noodles off the floor, but not rice. If you let noodles, rice, or anything sticky sit on the floor overnight, it’s way easier to sweep it up in the morning. Just make sure you warn anyone who might be walking through the room in socks. You know, like your husband. (Because is there anything worse than getting a noodle stuck to the bottom of your sock?)

I asked my Twitter friends to chime in with their not-so-shameful housekeeping confessions, and got an awesome list that includes beauties like this:

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 10.07.09 AM

Head over to Babble to check ’em out – but before you go, leave your own housekeeping shortcuts in the comments!

photo credit: Dinner Series, via Flickr

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